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2017 Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowships

In 1982, the board of directors of Alpha Omega Alpha established five student research fellowship awards to encourage and support student research. Since then, the awards have grown in number to more than fifty each year. The fellowship emphasizes a student-designed and ­-intiated project with an academic mentor. Recipients of the fellowship tell us that the awards have helped them to learn about the joys of scientific and scholarly discovery, and increase their critical understanding of scholarship and research in health care and science. Many recipients of the fellowship have followed up their work as student- researchers to become physician- scientists. The student receives a $5000 award, with $1000 available for travel to a national meeting to present the research results. In 2004, the name of the fellowship program was changed to the Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship awards in honor of Carolyn L. Kuckein, AΩA’s longtime administrator, who died in January 2004.

Evaluations of the fellowship proposals were made by the following reviewers: Thomas Ala, MD; Thomas T. Andersen, MD; Carola Arndt, MD; Jose Arruda, MD; Robert G. Atnip, MD; Deanna Attai MD; Jeremiah Barondess, MD; John Benson, MD; Syamal K. Bhattacharya, PhD, CLD; William Bingaman, MD; Jeremy Bolin, MD; Richard Bronson, MD; John Brust, MD; Paul A. Bunn, MD; Alexa Canady-Davis, MD; Stephen Y. Chan, MD; Andrew Choi, MD; Scott Christiansen, MD; L.W. Preston Church, MD; Harry Clarke, MD; Brian Clyne, MD; Chaim Colen, MD, PhD; Graciela DeJesus, MD; R.L. Scotte Doggett, MD; N. Joseph Espat, MD, MS, FACS; Jonathan Fanaroff, MD; John Foxworth, PharmD; Eli Glatstein, MD; Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD; Ranjan Gupta, MD; Suzanne Harrison, MD; David Hellmann, MD; Eve J. Higginbotham, SM, MD; Pascal Imperato, MD, MPH&TM; Shahram Izadyar, MD; Bernard Jaffe, MD; Marc G. Jeschke, MD, PhD, FACS; James Kaper, MD; John Mark Kinzie, MD, PhD; Allan Levey, MD, PhD; Jerome Lowenstein, MD; Michael Lockshin, MD; Zaineb Makhzoumi,MD, MPH; David McAneny, MD; Terre McGlothin, MD; E. Mein, MD; Mark J. Mendelsohn, MD; Lesley Motheral, MD; Richard Nordgren, MD; Suzann Pershing, MD; Pier Paolo Peruzzi, MD, PhD; Sheryl Pfeil, MD; Noah S. Philip, MD; Don Powell, MD; Susan Rakfal, MD; Steven P. Ringel, MD; Alan G. Robinson A, MD; William Robinson, MD; Griffin P. Rodgers, MD, MBA, MACP; Vilmarie Rodriguez, MD; Michael Samuels, MD; Stephen J. Savage, MD; Pamela Schlembach, MD; Lawrence Shuer, MD; Gary Simonds, MD; Allen Solomon, MD; Wiley Souba, MD, DSc, MBA; Joseph W. Stubbs, MD, FACP; Alan Thong, MD; John Tooker, MD, MBA, MACP; Kenneth Tyler, MD; Evan Unger, MD; John Ward, MD; Alan G. Wasserman, MD; Barbara Weissman, MD; Gerald Weissmann, MD; Donald Wilson, MD; Hal Wortzel, MD; John A. Zic, MD; Mary Zupanc, MD.

The fifty-one recipients of the 2017 fellowships are:

M. Usman Ahmad
Class of 2019, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
Public Perception of Presumed Consent Organ Donation in the US and UK
Mentor Tambi Jarmi

Andrea Alvarado
Class of 2018, New York Medical College
Autophagy and Inflammasome Activation in Age-related Macular Degeneration and Angiogenesis- mediated Pathologies
Mentor Alexander Marneros, MD, PhD
Councilor William Frishman, MD

Imad Aljabban
Class of 2020, The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
Analyzing the Role of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase as a Regulator of Renal Allograft Tolerance
Mentor Joren Christian Madsen, MD, DPhil
Councilor Robert Atnip, MD

Hadiyah Audil
Class of 2019, Albany Medical College
Histone Deacetylase Inhibition Mitigates PAI-1-conferred Phenotypes in Human Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Pathologically- remodeled Wounds
Mentor Paul Higgins, Ph.D.
Councilor Vincent Verdile, MD

Robin Babadjouni
Class of 2018, Keck School of Medicine
Synergy Between Air Pollution and Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion Resulting in White Matter Damage and Neurocognitive Decline
Mentor William Mack, MD
Councilor Eric Hsieh, MD

Diana Bartenstein
Class of 2018, Tufts University School of Medicine
Retrospective Study of Clinical, Histopathologic and Molecular Features of Pediatric Melanomas and Borderline Pigmented Lesions
Mentor Elena Hawryluk, MD, PhD
Councilor Amy Lee, MD

David Bernstein
Class of 2019, University of Rochester, School of Medicine & Dentistry
Determining the Promise of PROMIS in Spine Tumor Patients: Can PROMIS be a Useful Patient-Reported Outcomes Tool for Spine Tumor Patients?
Mentor Addisu Mesfin, MD
Councilor Frederick Marshall, MD

I-Ling Chiang
Class of 2020, Washington University School of Medicine
IL-17-Induced Tissue Plasminogen Activator Exhibits Protective Effects Against Inflammation in the Intestinal Tract
Mentor Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD
Councilor Morton Smith, MD

Melinda Choi
Class of 2020, Medical College of Wisconsin
Evaluating Sdha Knockout Rat Model for Clinical Symptoms of Leigh Syndrome
Mentor Michael Lawler, MD
Councilor Michael Lund, MD

Elyssa Cohen
Class of 2020, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Inhibiting Keratinocyte Proliferation and Inflammation in an in vivo Mouse Model of Psoriasis with Phosphatidylglyce rol
Mentor Wendy Bollag, MD
Councilor Laura Carbone, MD

Collin Costello
Class of 2018, University of Arizona, College of Medicine
The Role of TERT in the Progression from Benign Acral Melanocytic Nevi to Acral Melanoma
Mentor Aaron Mangold, MD
Councilor Joseph Alpert, MD

Trevor Davis
Class of 2019, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Assessing the Role of Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach in Postoperative Pain and Quality of Life for Patients Undergoing Resection for non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Mentor Stephen Yang, MD and Craig Hooker PhD, MPH
Councilor Charles Flexner, MD

Joseph DiDomenico
Class of 2018, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Glioma- Associated Pd-L1 Expression Mediates Immunosuppression through Regulatory T Cell Expansion
Mentor Orin Bloch, MD
Councilor Shilajit Kundu, MD

Maeve L. Donnelly
Class of 2020, Robert Larner, MD College of Medicine, University of Vermont
Functional Analysis of GerG as a Germination Regulator in Clostridium Difficle
Mentor Aimee Shen, MD
Councilor Heather Burbank, MD

Wesley Durand
Class of 2020, Brown University, Alpert Medical School
Tobacco Use and Outcomes Following Spine Surgery
Mentor Mentor Alan Daniels, MD
Councilor Councilor Brian Zink, MD

Mohamad El Moheb
Class of 2019, American University of Beirut
Identification and Validation of NOTCH2 as an Interacting Partner with the Cardiomyopathy Associated Protein RBM20
Mentor Marwan Refaat, MD
Councilor Ibrahim Salti, MD

Salman Eraj
Class of 2018, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Longitudinal Intra-patient Matched-pair Analysis of Treated vs. Untreated Arteries Following Unilateral Radiation for Early Tonsillar Cancer: Dose-Response Assessment of Long-term Carotid Toxicity
Mentor Clifton Fuller, MD
Councilor Eugene Boisaubin, MD, FACP

Steven Freeman
Class of 2020, Creighton University School of Medicine
Icaritin as a Novel Strategy for Treatment of Skin Cancer
Mentor Laura Hansen, MD
Councilor Lee Morrow, MD

Celestine Gregerson
Class of 2020, University of Utah School of Medicine
Characterization and Genetic Analysis of Pediatric Epilepsy: A Restrospective Population-based Study of the Genetic Background and Clinical Outcomes of Pediatric Patients with Idiopathic Epilepsy
Mentor Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD
Councilor Robert Hoffman, MD

Jared Hara
Class of 2018, University of Hawaii, John A Burns School of Medicine
Multimodal Molecular Therapy for Hedgehog-associated Medulloblastoma
Mentor David Raleigh, MD and Steven Braunstein, MD
Councilor Jill Omori, MD

Joshua Henderson
Class of 2018, University of Louisville School of Medicine
Evaluation of Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density in the C6 Dermatome
Mentor Bradon Wilhelmi, MD

Jiun Yiing Hu
Class of 2020, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Characterizing Cortical and Subcortical Volumetric change in Patients Receiving Whole Brain Radiation Therapy for Brain Metastases
Mentor Pranshu Mohindra, MD and Tejan Diwanji, MD
Councilor Zaineb Makhzoumi, MD; Donna Parker, MD; Yvette Rooks, MD

Dylan Isaacson
Class of 2018, University of California, San Francisco
Characterization of Hormonal Influences on Urethral Development in Human Genital Xenografts
Mentor Laurence Baskin, MD
Councilor Elizabeth Harleman, MD

Lewis Kerwin
Class of 2018, Weill Cornell Medical College
TMS-EEG Biomarkers of Treatment Response in Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Mentor Amit Etkin, MD
Councilor O. Wayne Isom, MD

Juhee Kim
Class of 2018, Emory School of Medicine
Reducing Disparities Among Kidney Transplant Recipients: Creating a Dynamic Risk Prediction Model to Identify High-risk Patients for Hospital Readmissions
Mentor Rachel Patzer, MD
Councilor Thomas Pearson, MD

Mykhaylo Krushelnytskyy
Class of 2019, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Heart Rate Variability as a Surrogate Marker for SUDEP 7 Score for High Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients
Mentor Erik St. Louis, MD and Choudhary Anwar Chahal, MB, ChB
Councilor Carola Arndt, MD

Emma Kurz
Class of 2020, New York University School of Medicine
Role of the Microbiome in Regulation and Promotion of Pancreatic Oncogenesis
Mentor George Miller, MD
Councilor Linda Tewksbury, MD

Jacqueline Lee
Class of 2018, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Impact of Urethral Dose Reduction on Late Urinary Toxicity Following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer
Mentor Sean Collins, MD
Councilor Sean Whelton, MD

Christopher Liao
Class of 2020, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Modulation of the Gliovascular Unit Offers a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Combating Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease
Mentor Harold Sontheimer, MD
Councilor Gary Simonds, MD

Alexandra Lin
Class of 2019, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Better Living Through Chemistry: A Novel Approach to Prevent Capsular Contracture
Mentor Jason Spector, MD
Councilor Scott Hammer, MD

Lucy Ma
Class of 2019, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Genomic Epidemiology of Methicillin- Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus from Clusters of Skin and Soft Tissue Infection Among Military Trainees
Mentor Eugene Miller, MD
Councilor Patrick O’Malley, MD

Sung Jun Ma
Class of 2018, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo
Comparison of Single- and Three-Fraction Schedules of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Peripheral Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: A Single Institution Experience
Mentor Anurag K. Singh, MD
Councilor Frank Schimpfhauser, MD

Natalie Mackow
Class of 2018, SUNY Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Evaluation of Mechanisms Promoting Antibiotic Resistance, Transference and Prevalence of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Infections
Mentor Bettina Fries, MD and Elizabet Diago-Navarro, PhD
Councilor Jack Fuhrer, MD

Kathryn Marqueen
Class of 2020, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Prediction Modeling of Perioperative Outcomes Following Radical Cystectomy to Improve Treatment Decisions for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer
Mentor Matthew Galsky, MD
Councilor Carrie Ernst, MD

Benjamin McCormick
Class of 2020, University of South Alabama College of Medicine
Impact of ABO Blood Group Mismatching in Haploidentical and Mismatched Unrelated Donor Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Mentor Bipin Savani, MD
Councilor Kelly Roveda, MD

Lydia McCormick
Class of 2019, University of Alabama School of Medicine
The Effect of Maternal Smoking on Neonatal CFTR Dysfunction
Mentor Steven Rowe, MD
Councilor Silvio Litovsky, MD

Justin Oh
Class of 2018, Rutgers – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography Characterizing Lesions Differentiating Responders from Non-Responders to Stereotactic Capsulotomy for OCD
Mentor Sameer Sheth, MD
Councilor Geza Kiss, MD

Sean O’Keefe
Class of 2020, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
A Novel HIV Vaccine Strategy: Recombinant HSV-2 ΔgD Constructs Expressing HIV gp140
Mentor William R. Jacobs, Jr., PhD
Councilor Ellie Schoenbaum, MD

Jaspreet Pannu
Class of 2019, Stanford University School of Medicine
Changes in Resting State Functional Connectivity in Theta-burst Stimulation (TBS) for Treatment-resistant Depression: A Dose Finding and Biomarker Study
Mentor Nolan Williams, MD
Councilor Suzann Pershing, MD

Ivy Paw
Class of 2019, George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Investigating the Role of HDAC9 in Melanoma
Mentor Edward Seto, PhD
Councilor Alan Wasserman, MD

Danielle Peterson
Class of 2019, University of Washington School of Medicine
Etiology and Incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Death in Competitive Athletes in the United States: a 3-year Prospective Study
Mentor Jonathan Drezner, MD
Councilor Douglas Paauw, MD

Crosby Rock
Class of 2018, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
Radiation Induced Trismus Following Oropharyngeal Carcinoma Treated with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy: An Investigation of Dose-Volume Correlates in Structures at Risk
Mentor Clifton Fuller, MD
Councilor Dan Blunk, MD

Phillip Susser
Class of 2020, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
The Effects of Citalopram on Bone Regeneration
Dr. Phillip Leucht

Sze Kiat Tan
Class of 2019, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Epigenetic Pathways Controlling HOTAIR Expression in Glioblastoma
Mentor Nagi Ayad, PhD
Councilor Alex Mechaber, MD

Jennifer Tran
Class of 2020, Boston University School of Medicine
The Role of Progranulin in Retinal Homeostasis and Degeneration in the Context of Lysosomal Storage Disease
Mentor Li Gan, PhD
Councilor David McAneny, MD

Elizabeth Wang
Class of 2018, University of California, Davis School of Medicine
Characterizing the Entire Melanoma Cell-Surface Glycome
Mentor Emanual Maverakis, MD
Councilor Regina Gandour-Edwards, MD

Eric Wenzinger
Class of 2018, Medical University of South Carolina
Precision Nerve Cutting Device: Advancing the Biomechanics of Peripheral Nerve Repair
Mentor Fernando Herrera, MD
Councilor Christopher Pelic, MD

Greg Whitehill
Class of 2020, Drexel University College of Medicine
Targeting Immune Suppressive Microenvironment in Multiple Myeloma
Mentor Gullu Topal Gorgun, PhD
Councilor Kathleen Ryan, MD

Peter Yu
Class of 2018, Ohio State University College of Medicine
Characterization of Altered Metabolomic Profile in Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor
Mentor Denis Guttridge, MD and Raphael Pollock, MD
Councilor Sheryl Pfeil, MD

Luai Zakaria
Class of 2018, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Technological Innovations to Scale the Thirty Million Words Initiative
Mentor Dana Suskind, MD
Councilor Adam Cifu, MD

Jiping Zeng
Class of 2018, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Subcellular Localization of APE1/ref-1 in Bladder Cancer: Potential Prognostic Indicator
Mentor Chad LaGrange, MD
Councilor Jason Shiffermiller, MD

Updated on November 20, 2017.