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Medical Student Service Project Award Ponce School of Medicine Fiber and Fluid Health Fair


Alpha Omega Alpha Beta Chapter Puerto Rico (Ponce School of Medicine) held a "Fiber & Fluid" Health Fair for "Ponceños" at Plaza del Caribe, the principal shopping mall in Ponce. The event occurred Saturday May 2, 2009. Participants started by filling out a pre-interview to evaluate what they knew about fiber and water. Then they went on to an interactive table that included information about how to read nutritional labels, amount of fiber in fruits with and without peeling, and fiber content in cereals. There was also a demonstration of bottles with an equal amount of beans (a local staple in the Puerto Rican diet) with varying amounts of water to show how fiber & water create bulk to facilitate the digestion process. Another station included over twenty recipes from the traditional Puerto Rican cuisine with nutritional guides. Members of Alpha Omega Alpha and other collaborating students provided information about cooking alternatives and substitutes, and how to increase fiber content, lower fat and sugar content in daily food preparation. They also discussed benefits of water as an alternative to cola and carbonated drinks. Students gave presentations every 15 minutes about how to choose foods based on fiber content, calorie consumption, what to look for on food packages and information on how to support local produce from the Puerto Rican coastal and mountainous regions. The last station provided information about health screening, identification of risk factors, colonoscopy and the benefit of fiber-rich diets in reducing colon cancer risk. Participants were fortunate to also have free gastroenterology consultation with Alpha Omega Alpha faculty member Dr. Bárbara Rosado, along with referrals for those who are without insurance. Participants finally had an exit interview to evaluate what they learned from the event. Alpha Omega Alpha students hope to analyze data obtained from the activity as a research project. The event exceeded expectations with over 300 participants.

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Updated on August 18, 2009.