"Be worthy to Serve the Suffering" Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Indiana University, School of Medicine

Alpha, Indiana

Guidelines for Election

No more than one-sixth of the class may be elected. No more than one-quarter (25%) of this group (one-sixth of the class) may be elected as Juniors. All students must be in the upper twenty-five percent of the class. To aid in assessment of the candidates’ eligibility, an evaluation system based upon the student’s first two years, junior clerkships and the USMLE Step I scores has been developed

The formula has been converted to a percentage rather than a point system. This formula is based upon the following criteria.

The junior year percentage is based upon the following:
  • 50% - 1st and 2nd years
  • 50% - USMLE Step I Score

The senior year percentage is based upon the following:

  • 50% - Clerkships
  • 25% USMLE Step I Score
  • 25% - 1st and 2nd years

The Dean’s office will identify the top 25% of the students in the projected graduating class based solely on their academic performance. Each senior student also receives a ballot to nominate student/s who they feel are deserving of this honor.

The constitution of AΩA states “…Leadership capabilities, ethical standards, fairness in dealing with colleagues, potential for achievement in medicine, and a record of service to the school and community at large should be criteria in addition to the academic record. These additional attributes will be weighed in the selection process.”

Eligible students are invited to submit a one-page summary of their extra-curricular activities, while in medical school only, with these three criteria: research, community service and extracurricular school activities. Volunteers from the AΩA membership will review three or four student summaries and serve as those students’ representatives at the fall election meeting usually held in September. New members are notified within the week. Members are formally inducted at a banquet held in March or April.

Last updated: 12/18/13