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2018 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Professionalism Award

Professionalism Award- Recognizing best practices in medical professionalism education, the 2018 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Professionalism Award goes to: Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, for their professionalism curriculum, “The Professional Development Strand”.

History of the School and How the Course Began

Established in 1972, Florida International University has 56,886 students. The graduating class of undergraduate baccalaureates produces the largest number of graduating Hispanics in the U.S., at 61.8%. The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine graduated its first medical school class in 2013. Since 2012 there have been 120 medical students admitted each year.

The emphasis of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine mission is its focus on community health in a diverse metropolitan region. The curriculum is expressly designed to instill cultural sensitivities, yet allow graduates the flexibility to pursue a wide range of careers in medicine. Foreseeing the need to train culturally-sensitive, empathetic, ethical, and dedicated physicians to treat the most under-privileged residents of South Florida, the Deans of the college of medicine formed a committee that would design a course to train future doctors to uphold these qualities. The development and planning of the Professional Behavior Course began in 2008. The program has since gone through multiple revisions, improvements, and transformations with the hopes of developing the most appropriate curriculum that will meet the student needs and achieve the desired goals.

Purpose and Background of the Course

The Professional Behavior course is designed to introduce and teach awareness of the impact of values, emotions, and attitudes of behaviors (VEAs) and of self-reflection on the doctor/patient relationship. This course applies philosophical, psychodynamic, and practical concepts that are helpful for preparing future physicians for the many diverse emotional and psychological experiences associated with the clinical setting and professional life. Specifically, the course prepares students to understand and be aware of behavioral issues and emotional stress that can impact physicians, explores how VEAs can impact patient care and health outcomes, and introduces students to the professional behaviors and responsibilities required of physicians.

To learn more about the curriculum at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine please use this link:

Student Handbook

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (AΩA)

Since its founding in 1902, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society has recognized and advocated for excellence in scholarship, demonstrated professionalism, and the growth of physician leadership in the profession of medicine. Through 132 active Chapters in the United States and Lebanon, more than 4,000 new members are inducted into the society each year. More than 55 Nobel Prize winners are members of Alpha Omega Alpha, as well as 11 of the 19 United States Surgeons General. Nearly 75% of Deans of U.S. medical schools are members of AΩA. Alpha Omega Alpha annually grants more than $1.75 million in fellowships, grants, and awards to medical students, residents, teachers, and community physicians.

Updated on March 5, 2019.