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2018 Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowships

In 1982, the board of directors of Alpha Omega Alpha established five student research fellowship awards to encourage and support student research. Since then, the awards have grown in number to more than fifty each year. The fellowship emphasizes a student-designed and ¬-intiated project with an academic mentor. Recipients of the fellowship tell us that the awards have helped them to learn about the joys of scientific and scholarly discovery, and increase their critical understanding of scholarship and research in health care and science. Many recipients of the fellowship have followed up their work as student- researchers to become physician- scientists. The student receives a $5000 award, with $1000 available for travel to a national meeting to present the research results. In 2004, the name of the fellowship program was changed to the Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship awards in honor of Carolyn L. Kuckein, AΩA’s longtime administrator, who died in January 2004.

Evaluations of the fellowship proposals were made by the following reviewers: Ralph Amato, MD; Arun Antony, MD; Carola Arndt, MD; Robert Atnip, MD; Deanna Attai, MD; Jeremiah Barondess, MD; David Bennahum, MD; John Benson, MD; Nathan Beucke, MD; Syamal Bhattacharya, PhD, CLD; Jeremy Bolin, MD; Richard Bronson, MD; John Brust, MD; Paul Bunn, MD; Richard Byyny, MD; Dick Byyny, MD, FACP; Stephen Chan, MD; James Chandler, MD, MS; Scott Christensen, MD; Sean Christensen, MD; Keith Churchwell, MD; Mark Clapper, MD; Harry Clarke, MD; Lynn Cleary, MD; Alison Conlin, MD; Paul Contorer, MD; Jack Coulehan, MD; Gregory Davis, MD; Ivor Douglas, MD; Joseph Espat, MD, MS, FACS; Lawrence Faltz, MD; Jonathan Fish, MD; Brooke French, MD; Jack Friedland, MD, FACS; Paul Gaglio, MD; James Gamble, MD; Michael Gerber, MD; Mohammad Gol, MD; Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano, MD; Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD; Ranjan Gupta, MD; Suzanne Harrison, MD; David Hellmann, MD; Eve Higginbotham, SM, MD; Van Hubbard, MD, PhD; Bruce Hudkins, MD; Melissa Hudson, MD; Trent Hummel, MD; Holly Humphrey, MD, MACP; Pascal Imperato, MD, MPH&TM, MACP; Shahram Izadyar, MD; Donald Kamerer, MD; Stephen Kates, MD; Mark Kinzie, MD, PhD; Heidi Kirsch, MD; Susan Lane, MD; Sharon Langendoerfer, MD; Renato LaRocca, MD; Michael Levy, MD; Carlin Long, MD; Kenneth Ludmerer, MD; Michele Manahan, MD; Daniel Matlock, MD; Terre McGlothin, MD; Mark Mendelsohn, MD; Fassil Mesfin, MD; Carl Nechtman, MD; Mark Nehler, MD; Gary Nishioka, MD; Doug Paauw, MD, MACP; Suzann Pershing, MD; Sheryl Pfeil, MD; James Plumb, MD; Susan Rakfal, MD; Steven Ringel, MD; William Robinson, MD; Alan Robinson, MD; Bill Robinson, MD; Giovanni Romeo, MD; Paul Rozance, MD; Kathleen Ryan, MD; Shashikumar Salgar, MD; Michael Samuels, MD; Oliver Sartor, MD; Mya Schiess, MD; Harvey Schipper, MD; Anil Seetharam, MD; Lawrence Shuer, MD; Gary Simonds, MD; Mark Smith, MD; Eric Snyder, MD; Wiley Souba, MD, DSc, MBA; Joe Stubbs, MD, FACP; Jolyn Taylor, MD; Alan Thong, MD; John Tooker, MD, MBA, MACP; Andrew Tsung, MD; Evan Unger, MD; John Ward, MD; Alan Wasserman, MD; Edwin Watkins, MD; Gene Wolfel, MD; and Mary Zupanc, MD.

The sixty-nine recipients of the 2018 fellowships are:

Zachary Abecassis
Class of 2020, Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine
Dissecting GPe neurons from the Dbx1 lineage: their effect on behavior and the pallidothalamic pathway
Mentor: C. Savio Chan, PhD
Councilor: Shilajit Kundu, MD (AΩA, University of Illinois, 2000)

Jacob Adney
Class of 2020, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Smoking-induced changes in myocardial pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF): Implications for cardiovascular disease
Mentor: Jane McHowat, PhD
Councilor Matthew Broom, MD (AΩA, Saint Louis University, 2015)

D. Patterson Allen
Class of 2021, Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
The Impact of aCT1 nebulization on ischemia reperfusion injury in brain death donor lung transplantation
Mentor: Satish Nadig, MD, PhD (AΩA, Medical University of South Carolina, 2014)
Councilor: Christopher G. Pelic, MD (AΩA, University of Toledo, 2000)

Neil Almeida
Class of 2021, George Washington University School of Medicine
Development of mass cytometry probes to evaluate function & phenotype of T-cells reacting to a multi-epitope vaccine in glioma patients
Mentor: Hideho Okada, MD, PhD
Councilor: Alan G. Wasserman, MD (AΩA, MCP Hahnemann, 1972)

Aria Attia
Class of 2020, Drexel University College of Medicine
Osteogenic potential of MC3T3 E1 cells on mineralized nanofiber shish
Mentor: Michele Marcolongo, PhD, PE
Councilor: Kathleen Ryan, MD (AΩA, MCP Hahnemann, 1994)

Joseph Azar
Class of 2021, American University of Beirut School of Medicine
Identification of Salt Inducible Kinase 1 (SIK1)’s role in modulating human trophoblast differentiation using CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockdown
Mentor: Georges Daoud, PhD
Councilor: Ibrahim S. Salti, MD, PhD (AΩA, American University of Beirut, 1962)

Pegah Bakhshi
Class of 2021, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Impact of HBO2 treatments on esutachian tube function
Mentor: H. Jeffrey Kim, MD (AΩA, University of Cincinnati, 1990)
Councilor: Sean A. Whelton, MD (AΩA, Georgetown University, 2014)

Tabitha Banks
Class of 2022, The Ohio State University College of Medicine
The Effects of the Notch Ligand Jag1 on Vascular Reactivity and Homeostasis
Mentor: Brenda Lilly, PhD
Councilor: Sheryl Pfeil, MD (AΩA, The Ohio State University, 1984)

Ryan Bender
Class of 2021, State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine
Toward a Vascular Flap: Cellular Multi-Culture for Generation of Perfusion-Viable Tissue-Engineered Networks within a Hydrogel Scaffold
Mentor: Jason Spector, MD (AΩA, New York University, 1996)
Councilor: Michael H. Augenbraun, MD (AΩA, State University of New York Downstate, 2009)

Adip Bhargav
Class of 2020, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Tandem use of intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging and electrophysiological monitoring in glioma resection
Mentor: Ian F. Parney, MD, PhD (AΩA, University of Alberta, 1997)
Councilor: Carola Arndt, MD (AΩA, Boston University School of Medicine, 1978)

Justin Chan
Class of 2020, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine
A Temporal Profile of Human Motor Endplate Degradation after Brachial Plexus Injury
Mentor: Oswald Steward, PhD
Councilor: Ranjan Gupta, MD (AΩA, Albany Medical College, 1992)

Thinh Chau
Class of 2019, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine
Clinicopathologic spectrum and immunophenotype of dermal hypersensitivity reaction
Mentor: Maxwell Fung, MD (AΩA, University of California, Davis, 2005)
Councilor: Wetona Eidson-Ton, MD (AΩA, University of California, Davis, 2013)

Melissa Chua
Class of 2019,cBoston University School of Medicine
Combining oncolytic virotherapy and immunotherapy for the treatment of glioblastoma
Mentor: Khalid Shah, MS, PhD
Councilor: David McAneny, MD (AΩA, Boston University School of Medicine, 2008)

Leah Cohen
Class of 2019, Florida International University
Detection of somatic cancer associated mutations in tampons of women with germline BRCA1 mutations
Mentor: Jeff Boyd, MS, PhD
Councilor: Rebecca L. Toonkel, MD (AΩA, Johns Hopkins University, 2004)

Samuel Daly
Class of 2020, University of Minnesota Medical School
Detection of epileptogenic foci with combined transfer entropy and granger causality calculations of interictal electrocorticography recordings
Mentor: Michael C. Park, MD, PhD
Councilor: Charles Billington, MD (AΩA, University of Kansas, 1978)

Joshua Diamond
Class of 2019, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Phase shift over subdural leads for localization of the epileptic source
Mentor: Kareem Zaghloul, MD, PhD
Councilor: Amber Inofuentes, MD (AΩA, University of Virginia, 2009)

Natasha Edman
Class of 2021, University of Washington School of Medicine
Building a nanoparticle to generate broadly neutralizing antibodies against multiple influenza strains
Mentor: David Baker, PhD
Councilor: Douglas S. Paauw, MD (AΩA, University of Michigan, 1983)

Andrew Gabrielson
Class of 2019, Tulane University School of Medicine
Characterizing the inflammatory microenvironment of the prostate in hypogonadal men
Mentor: Wayne J.G. Hellstrom, MD (AΩA, Tulane University, 2013)
Councilor: Bernard M. Jaffe, MD (AΩA, New York University, 1963)

Cassandra Gross
Class of 2021, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine at Hofstra University
Clinical-pathological correlations between poor mobility and neuropathological burden in the brainstem
Mentor: Veronique VanderHorst, MD, PhD
Councilor: Jose Prince, MD (AΩA, Yale University, 2000)

Leo Hall
Class of 2020, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine recrptor-expressing bipolar cells play a role in motion detection
Mentor: Tomomi Ichinose, MD, PhD
Councilor: Michael T. White, MD (AΩA, Wayne State University, 1990)

Benjamin Hamel
Class of 2021, Medical College of Wisconsin
Verbal memory as outcome predictor in adults with cochlear implants
Mentor: Michael S. Harris, MD
Councilor: Michael R. Lund, MD (AΩA, University of Iowa, 1996)

Sakibul Huq
Class of 2020, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Use of the FDA-approved anti-viral drug ribavirin as targeted therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Mentor: Henry Brem, MD (AΩA, Johns Hopkins, 2010)
Councilor: Charles W. Flexner, MD (AΩA, Johns Hopkins, 1982)

Diana Jeang
Class of 2020, Emory University School of Medicine
The impact of traditional health practitioners on HIV viral load monitoring in KwaZulu-Natal
Mentor: Vincent C. Marconi, MD
Councilor: Thomas C. Pearson, MD, DPhil (AΩA, Emory University, 2004)

Amit Jethanandani
Class of 2019, University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine
Predicting radiation-attributable changes in the temporomandibular joints of nasopharyngeal cancer patients
Mentor: Clifton D. Fuller, MD, PhD
Councilor: Susan C. Brewer, MD (AΩA, University of Tennessee, 1990)

J. Dixon Johns
Class of 2020, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Novel mucolytc disruption of an alginate biofilm infection model of CF respiratory disease
Mentor: Steven M. Rowe, MD, MSPH (AΩA, University of Alabama, 2017)
Councilor, Silvio H. Litovsky, MD (AΩA, University of Alabama, 2014)

Jaret Karnuta
Class of 2021, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
The role of MEIS1 and intragenic enhancer elements in the development of osteosarcoma metastasis
Mentor: Peter Scacheri, PhD
Councilor: Jonathan M. Fanaroff, MD, JD (AΩA, Case Western Reserve, 1998)

Gurleen Kaur
Class of 2021, Albany Medical College
Genetic modification of GREM1 to improve the efficacy of cardiac stem/progenitor cell therapy
Mentor: Chuanxi Cai, PhD
Councilor: Neil Lempert, MD (AΩA, Albany Medical College, 1978)

Rohan Khazanchi
Class of 2021, University of Nebraska College of Medicine
Diagnostic utility and timing of routine head ultrasound screening in preterm infants
Mentor: Eric Peeples, MD
Councilor: Jason Shiffermiller, MD (AΩA, University of Nebraska, 1998)

Connor Kinslow
Class of 2019, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Targeting IDH1-Mutant Gliomas with Radiation Therapy and Glutamine Blockade
Mentors: Simon Cheng, MD, PhD and Peter Canoll, MD, PhD
Councilor: Timothy C. Wang, MD (AΩA, Columbia University, 1983)

Nikolai Klebanov
Class of 2019, Tufts University School of Medicine
Early B-cell factor (EBF3) is a novel tumor suppressor gene in cutaneous melanoma
Mentor: Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD (AΩA, Columbia University, 1993)
Councilor: Amy L. Lee, MD (AΩA, Tufts University, 2002)

Joshua Kogan
Class of 2021, Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Effect of sucrose exposure on sucrose perception and neural processing in mouse gustatory cortex
Mentor: Alfredo Fontanini, MD, PhD
Councilor: Jack Fuhrer, MD (AΩA, Stony Brook University, 1997)

Jin (Vivian) Lee
Class of 2021, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Role of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in cerebral amyloid angiopathy pathogenesis
Mentor: Gregory Zipfel, MD (AΩA, Northwestern University, 1994)
Councilor, Morton E. Smith, MDc(AΩA, University of Maryland, 1959)

Lawrence Lin
Class of 2019, University of Texas McGovern Medical School
Validation and characterization of spectral domain optical coherence tomography as a non-invasive indicator of intracranial pressure in craniosynostosis
Mentor: Jordan Swanson, MD, MSc
Councilor: Eugene Boisaubin, MD (AΩA, University of Missouri, 1970)

Weijie Violet Lin
Class of 2019, Baylor College of Medicine
Longitudinal analysis of teleretinal imaging: applying machine learning to identify predictive factors for retinopathy and treatment response
Mentor: Christina Weng, MD, MBA (AΩA, University of Michigan, 2008)
Councilor: Daniel Chelius, MD (AΩA, Baylor College of Medicine, 2004)

Pashayar Lookian
Class of 2021, Creighton University School of Medicine
Gender bias in DDX3X modulation of non-melanoma squamous cell carcinoma
Mentor: Holly Stessman, PhD and Laura Hansen, PhD
Councilor: Lee Morrow, MD (AΩA, Creighton University, 2009)

Daniel Mai
Class of 2021, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Characterization of ETS in shear stress-mediated gene expression and recruitment of chromatin remodeling factors
Mentor: Marlene Rabinovitch, MD
Councilor: Leonard Weireter, MD (AΩA, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 2002)

Matthew McMilian
Class of 2020, University of Michigan Medical School
Targeting DNA repair pathways in homologous recombination-deficient pancreatic cancers
Mentor: Meredith Morgan, PhD
Councilor: Sanjay Saint, MD, MPH (AΩA, University of California, Los Angeles, 1992)

Michael Murphy
Class of 2019, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Patient compliance of weight bearing status-prospective observational study
Mentor: William D. Lack, MD
Councilor: Vikram C. Prabhu, MD (AΩA, Loyola University, 2009)

Arati Patel
Class of 2019, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Experimental chronic cerebral hypoperfusion results in increased blood-brain barrier permeability
Mentor: William J. Mack, MD, MS (AΩA, Columbia University, 2001)
Councilor: Eric P. Hsieh, MD (AΩA, Keck School of Medicine of USC, 2009)

Joseph Perosky
Class of 2020, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Electronic recording and centralization of verbal autopsies for maternal and newborn deaths in Liberia via speech-to-text and geo-spacial mapping
Mentor: Jody R. Lori, PhD, MS
Councilor: Gary Ferenchick, MD (AΩA, Michigan State University, 1997)

Jessica Perry
Class of 2021, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Effect of perfusion temperature on FAS-siRNA uptake by rat liver grafts
Mentor: Paulo Martins, MD, PhD
Councilor: Terence R. Flotte, MD (AΩA, Louisiana State University, 1985)

William Plautz
Class of 2012, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Manifestation of ADAMTS13 deficiency following major trauma as a risk factor for acute thrombotic microangiopathy
Mentor: Matthew D. Neal, MD (AΩA, University of Pittsburgh, 2006)
Councilor: Carl Fuhrman, MD (AΩA, University of Pittsburgh, 1978)

Karolina Plonoswska
Class of 2019, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
Free flap reconstructive surgery: the patient and caregiver experience
Mentor: Patrick K. Ha, MD (AΩA, Johns Hopkins University, 1999)
Councilor: Elizabeth Harleman, MDc(AΩA, University of California, San Francisco, 2013)

Shelby Powers
Class of 2020, The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
Role of oxidative stress and fibrosis in female genitourinary dysfunction following pelvic radiation
Mentor: Johanna L. Hannan, PhD
Councilor: Danielle S. Walsh, MD (AΩA, University of South Florida, 1994)

Frank Qian
Class of 2019, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Height, body mass index and ovarian cancer risk in carriers of BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations: a Mendelian randomization study
Mentor: Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD
Councilor: Adam Cifu, MD (AΩA, Weill Cornell Medical College, 1993)

Gabriel Redel-Traub
Class of 2020, New York University School of Medicine
Pathologic cardiac remodeling in FHF2 deficient mice
Mentor: Glenn I. Fishman, MD
Councilor: Linda Tewksbury, MD (AΩA, New York University, 1990)

Hannah Riskin-Jones
Class of 2020,cUniversity of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine
Diffusion tractography-guided deep brain stimulation for essential tremor
Mentor: Nader Pouratian, MD, PhD
Councilor, Jessica Beth O’Connell, MD (AΩA, University of Texas McGovern Medical School, 2000)

Christopher Rodman
Class of 2021, Wake Forest School of Medicine
Integrated single-cell and functional analyses of malignant cell subpopulations in glioblastoma
Mentor: Mario L. Suva, MD, PhD
Councilor: Michael S. Cartwright, MD, MS (AΩA, Wake Forest, 2002)

Prasanth Romiyo
Class of 2020, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
NY-ESO-1 vault nanoparticles for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
Mentor: Isaac Yang, MD (AΩA, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004)
Councilor: Michael E. Chansky, MD (AΩA, University of Rochester, 1980)

Arash Samadi
Class of 2020, Weill Cornell Medical College
Tissue engineering of human auricular scaffold using autologous auricular chondrocytes and 3D-printing
Mentor: Jason A. Spector, MD (AΩA, New York University, 1996)
Councilor: O. Wayne Isom, MD (AΩA, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 1965)

Alexa Semonche
Class of 2020, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
In Vivo investigation of photodynamic therapy augmentation of laser interstitial thermal therapy’s effect on the blood brain barrier
Mentor: Michael E. Ivan, MD, MBS
Councilor: Geza Kiss, MD (AΩA, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson, 1994)

Farrah Shah
Class of 2020, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Using PIK3CB and connexin-43 inhibition to sensitize primary glioblastoma cells to temozolomide
Mentor: Zhi Sheng, PhD
Councilor: Gary Simonds, MD (AΩA, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson, 1983)

William Shi
Class of 2021, Stanford University School of Medicine
Developing a novel next-generation sequencing method to detect cell-free tumor DNA in prostate cancer
Mentors: Maximilian Diehn, MD, PhD and Jonathan Dudley, MD (AΩA, Stanford University, 2017)
Councilor: Suzann Pershing, MD, MS (AΩA, Medical University of South Carolina, 2005)

Adit Singhal
Class of 2020, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Mapping glucocorticoid receptor variants with clinical outcomes of breast cancer patients in the Geisinger mycode electronic health record-linked biobank
Mentor: Jun Ling, PhD
Councilor: Margrit Shoemaker, MD (AΩA, University of Pittsburgh, 1983)

Alexandra Sperry
Class of 2021, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
In utero base editing of cardiovascular disease gene ANGPTL3
Mentor: William H. Peranteau, MD
Councilor: Jon B. Morris, MD (AΩA, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 1998)

Eva Stein
Class of 2019, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
An evaluation of the prevalence and impact of body dysmorphic disorder in adult orofacial cleft patients
Mentor: J. Madison Clark, MD (AΩA, Wake Forest School of Medicine, 1995)
Councilor: Amelia Drake, MD (AΩA, University of North Carolina, 1996)

Marissa Suchyta
Class of 2021, University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
Determination of the effectiveness of polyethylene glycol fusion in improving cross-face nerve grafting for facial reanimation
Mentor: Samir Mardini, MD
Councilor: Lisa R. Farmer, MD (AΩA, University of Texas Medical Branch, 2001)

Ross Tanis
Class of 2019, University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Skin remodeling in asymptomatic atopic dermatitis
Mentor: Carole Oskeritzian, PhD
Councilor: Joshua T. Thornhill, MD (AΩA, University of South Carolina, 2001)

Khiem Tran
Class of 2020, University of Arizona College of Medicine
The role of man1a1 in immune evasion during progression of melanoma
Mentor: Emanuel Maverakis, MD (AΩA, University of California, Davis, 2012)
Councilor: Joseph S. Alpert, MD (AΩA, Harvard Medical School, 1969)

Eileen Wang
Class of 2021, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Racial/ethnic disparities in severe maternal morbidity and very low birth weight babies: a qualitative study on women’s experiences of peripartum care
Mentor: Elizabeth Howell, MD, MPP (AΩA, Weill Cornell Medical College, 1997)
Councilor: Carrie Ernst, MD (AΩA, Weill Cornell Medical College, 2001)

Ayobami Ward
Class of 2019, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Repurposing rhDNase to improve neurological outcomes after traumatic brain injury
Mentor: Krishnan M. Dhandapani, PhD
Councilor: Laura Carbone, MD, MS (AΩA, Medical College of Wisconsin, 1989)

WayAnne Watson
Class of 2020, Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Mechanism of biologic therapy to treat high-risk pediatric leukemia
Mentor: Kimberly J. Payne, PhD
Councilor: Daniel Wongworawat, MD (AΩA, Loma Linda University, 1996)

Elizabeth Wicks
Class of 2021, University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Immunomodulatory biological scaffolds to create a pro-regenerative environment in the eye
Mentor: Jennifer Elisseeff, PhD
Councilor: Scott M. Rodgers, MD (AΩA, Vanderbilt University, 1994)

Netsanet Woldegerima
Class of 2021, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Enhancing efficacy of cancer immunotherapy by inducing tumor antigen expression in melanoma
Mentor: Eduardo Davila, PhD
Councilors: Donna Parker, MD (AΩA, University of Maryland, 1999) and Zaineb Makhzoumi, MD, MPH, (AΩA, University of Maryland, 2007)

Lulu Wong
Class of 2019, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Urine miRNA biomarkers for precision care of venous leg ulcers
Mentor: Marjana Tomic-Canic, PhD
Councilor: Alex J. Mechaber, MD (AΩA, George Washington University, 1998)

Therese Woodring
Class of 2019, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
Effects of sulfur dioxide flares on acute healthcare visits in an EPA-designated sulfur dioxide nonattainment area
Mentor: James F. Graumlich, MD
Councilor, Jessica Ryan Hanks, MD (AΩA, University of Illinois, 2002)

JaeWon Yang
Class of 2020, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Curriculum for change: medical student editing to improve readability of health-related Wikipedia articles
Mentor: Paul George, MD, MHPE (AΩA, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, 2015)
Councilor: Allan Tunkel, MD, PhD (AΩA, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, 1983)

Ruiyang Yi
Class of 2021, University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine
Bootstrap resampling in genetic association analysis of low-frequency variants
Mentor: Shelley B. Bull, PhD
Councilor: Jill Omori, MD (AΩA, University of Hawaii, 1995)

Frank Zhang
Class of 2021, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Backpropagation applied to discriminative visual codebooks for lung nodule detection
Mentor: Saeed Hassanpour, PhD
Councilor: Nancy McNulty, MD (AΩA, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, 1994)

Updated on October 2, 2018.