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The Pharos

Published since 1938 and named for one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria, Alpha Omega Alpha's peer reviewed quarterly medical humanities journal publishes scholarly essays covering a wide array of nontechnical medical subjects, including medical history, ethics, and medical-related literature.

The Pharos welcomes material that addresses scholarly and nontechnical topics in medicine and public health such as history, biography, health services research, ethics, education, and social issues. Poetry, photography, art, and scholarly fiction pieces may also be submitted.

All submissions are subject to review by The Pharos Editorial Board, and must include a cover letter disclosing any real or perceived conflict of interest.

Contributors need not be members of Alpha Omega Alpha, however, if they are members they must have active status.

Conflict of Interest Policy

It is the policy of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society that all Board of Directors members, Editorial Board members, and employees scrupulously avoid any conflict of interest between AΩA and personal, professional, and business interests. This includes avoiding potential, and actual, conflicts of interest, as well as the perception of a conflict of interest.

This policy protects the integrity of the AΩA decision-making process, and the integrity and reputation of Board members, Editorial Board members, and staff.

Upon or before election, employment or appointment, members and employees will disclose any and all interests, relationships, and/or holdings that could have the potential, or perception, of a conflict of interest.

Board members shall recuse themselves from voting on any matter where a conflict of interest has the potential to be, or is in fact, a conflict of interest.

At least annually, Board members and employees shall sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.

Should a potential, actual, or perceived conflict of interest arise, Board members shall immediately disclose the conflict with the Board President. Editorial Board members and employees shall immediately disclose the conflict to the Executive Director/Editor, and the Chief of Staff/Managing Editor.

Editorial Policy

All submissions for The Pharos must go through the Editorial Board peer review process. All references/citations are individually checked for accuracy by a third party reference expert.

Peer Review Policy

All submissions are reviewed by at least two members of The Pharos Editorial Board who have expertise in the focus area of the submission. The Editor and Managing Editor review every submission to ensure there is no conflict of interest or ethical concern and it does not endanger the subject of the submission in any way. Submissions that contain bigotry or highly politicized content will not be considered or accepted for publication.

Advertising Policy

The Pharos/Alpha Omega Alpha is a nonpolitical 501(c)3 that does not accept advertising of any type.

Research Ethics Policy

Alpha Omega Alpha is committed to upholding a high standard of professionalism, compassion, and humanism in medicine. Patients should be treated with dignity and their privacy respected. The Pharos will not accept submissions that conflict with these values, or contain bigotry, or highly politicized content.

Updated on May 5, 2021.