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Visiting Professorship

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Visiting Professorship

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Any medical school with an active AΩA Chapter may host one visiting professor during each academic year. Travel expenses and a $1,500 honorarium for approved visits will be funded by AΩA. Information pertaining to the visit should be submitted on the AΩA website at least six weeks in advance of the visit using the Online Submission link below.

Requirements for the Visit

  • The visiting professor will provide one full day, or more, of teaching and interacting with students, residents, and faculty.
  • The event should be titled the “AΩA Visiting Professorship,” and included on all posters, announcements, press releases and other collateral related to the visit.
  • The AΩA Chapter must submit an itinerary for the visit and activities to AΩA at least 30 days prior to the visit.

Required Activities of the Visiting Professor

  • Clinical and/or rounds, research discussions, teaching conferences or seminars;
  • One or more sessions on leadership and/or medical professionalism;
  • Departmental Grand Rounds; and/or
  • A major address to the medical school community, or presentation at the annual AΩA banquet.

Organization and Arrangements
The AΩA Councilor, in consultation with the Chapter’s student members and other members of the faculty, must select the visiting professor at least six weeks before the event. The Councilor will then submit the information for the visit on the AΩA website using the Online Submission link below., including:

  • Dates of the visit, proposed schedule, and professor’s contact information; and
  • Visiting professor’s name, title, affiliation, full address, phone number, E-mail address, and assistant’s contact information.

Online Submission
Submit Visiting Professor Information

Funding provided by AΩA
  1. Coach airfare and/or standard ground transportation;
  2. Standard hotel room for one or two nights;
  3. Visiting professor’s meals, exclusive of official functions planned and funded by the Chapter or school; and
  4. Honorarium of $1,500. The visiting professor may forgo the honorarium in which case it will be donated to the hosting Chapter. If the visiting professor is an AΩA member, he/she must have active status to be eligible to receive the honorarium.

Expenses expected to exceed the above items must be approved by AΩA prior to the visit. Requests for expense reimbursement must be submitted using the AΩA Expense Reimbursement form.

Questions may be directed to Libby Appel or call (720) 859-4149.

Expense reimbursement requests must be submitted by the visiting professor on the expense form within 60 days. AΩA will reimburse the individual or institution that expended the funds, but cannot make direct payments to vendors.

Updated on September 29, 2020.