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  • Our thoughts and hopes are with our members and all of Puerto Rico in their continuing recovery.

    Link to see state of services, goods in Puerto Rico: www.Status.PR. Click photo for links to medical schools with AΩA Chapters in Puerto Rico.

  • Dr. Jonathan Fish, Dr. Timothy Lucas, and Dr. Michele Manahan are 2017 Fellow in Leadership recipients.

  • Annaliese Ellis, Administrator for the Nu New York Chapter at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, and one of the winners of the 2017 Adminstrative Recognition Award stands with AΩA Chapter Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Andrew Yacht (L) and Chapter Councilor Dr. Jose Prince

  • Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, Class of 2017, AΩA Honor cords in view!

  • Dominique R Bailey (AΩA, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 1988, Resident), with son Iain Matthew Bailey (AΩA, Cooper School of Medicine of Rowan University, 2017, Charter) at the 2017 CMSRU Commencement.

  • Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine, AΩA Banquet

  • Diana Bartenstein(L) holds her 2017 Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship check with Tufts University School of Medicine AΩA Chapter Councilor, Dr. Amy Lee(R), May 2017.

  • Howard University College of Medicine , AΩA Banquet

  • University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine Banquet

  • Medical College of Wisconsin, Class of 2017 AΩA induction banquet, April 27th. Councilor Dr. Lund (far left) and honored speaker Dr. Mark Harlow (far right, an MCW graudate)

  • Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, AΩA Banquet

  • Florida State University College of Medicine AΩA Banquet, 2017

  • University of Colorado School of Medicine, AΩA Banquet

  • University of Missouri-Columbia, AΩA Banquet

  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, AΩA Class of 2017

An Open Letter from AΩA Executive Director Richard L. Byyny, MD, FACP

September 20, 2017

Dear Members and Friends of the AΩA Community,

Our country is experiencing the convergence of a number of events ranging from a multitude of catastrophic natural disasters to civic tension significantly affecting the lives of our patients and communities.

Hurricane Harvey left more than two million Texans displaced, many homeless and in need of medical assistance, as well as financial and emotional support. As one of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the United States, Irma has devastated Florida and its 20 million inhabitants as well as several surrounding states. In addition, more than 26,000 firefighters are battling nearly 80 wildfires that are burning more than 1.6 million acres of terrain in 10 western states, the effects of which are impacting air quality on the west coast, Midwest, and beyond. Superimpose on these events, the current uncertainty related to health care and legislation, not only affecting the lives of our patients and communities, but also our colleagues.

These events create public health and social consequences, a surge in the deployment of resources, enduring resiliency among our first responders, and a reaffirmation of our values as servant leaders and medical professionals.

As a Society with 131 Chapters in medical schools across the country, we have innumerable students, residents, faculty, alumni, and members who are directly affected by these disasters. To our medical schools and communities in Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and others effected by these calamities, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

As members of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, we need to come together in support of our patients, families, colleagues, and communities, and call on the strengths that come from our Society’s core values – scholarship, leadership, professionalism, teaching, and service.

In our profession, we need to practice what we teach – patience, tolerance, acceptance, and high quality health care for all, and provide ongoing leadership. Now more than ever, with a looming physician shortage and ever-growing public health and health care demands, we need compassionate, adept pedagogy that accepts young people regardless of where they come from, their socioeconomic background, or their country of origin. We need to pass along to the next generation of physicians, other health professionals, and those yet to join our profession that we are an inclusive community of practice. We must continue “to be worthy to serve the suffering.”

As leaders we must overcome the chaos and be present for those who rely on us – patients, students, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, family members. We must remember that we have a commitment to provide selfless service with passionate dedication to the vision and mission of our profession and the people we serve.

Medical professionalism stands on a covenant of trust; a contract with patients and society, regardless of socioeconomic status, or exigent circumstances. When called upon, we serve all in need with dedication, commitment, respect, civility, reliability, and the high ethical standards of our profession and Society.

Our country is reeling from these disasters and decisions that impact huge numbers of people, but we must not let these adversities, or any other outside influences, deter us from what we have dedicated our lives as healers to do – treat everyone humanely, with benevolence, compassion, empathy, and consideration.

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