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The Pharos Winter 2001

The Pharos

The Pharos Winter 2001 Edition

Articles marked with an arrow may be downloaded individually. For articles not marked, please contact Dee Martinez.

In this Issue:

  • The Many Domains of Humanism in the Care of Patients
  • Perception of Harm and Hidden Benefits from Human Cloning by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
  • Liberty, Equality, and Genetic Selection
  • Commentary
  • Reponse to Professor Greely
  • The Search for a Nonaddicting Opioid
  • Old Fart
  • Consolation: Images, Thoughts, and Concerns About the Word and Concept
  • François Rabelais: Renaissance Man, Philosopher, Author, and Physician
  • Professional Obligations and Abortion Referra
  • Nursery Songs
  • A Table of Four and Him

  • My Last House Call, by Henry Langhorne, M.D.
  • Nightfall, by Cole A. Giller, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Before All Time Expires, by Eric Pfeiffer, M.D.
  • Touch, by Michael B. Gravanis, M.D.

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