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The Pharos Summer 2002

The Pharos

The Pharos Summer 2002 Edition

Articles marked with an arrow may be downloaded individually. For articles not marked, please contact Dee Martinez.

In this Issue:

  • Frida Kahlo: Her Art and Her Orthopedics
  • Rationing Health Care: Does it work?
  • Lessons from a Life in Research: Getting Things Straight
  • A Century of DNA Reaches the Bedside
  • John R. Brinkley, Kansas Physician, and the Goat Gland Rejuvenation Fad
  • The Korean Experience: Vignettes from Cloister to Chaos and Back
  • Steps in Publishing a Research Paper

  • My Psychiatric History, by Chuck Joy, M.D.
  • Patrick, by Peter V. Tishler, M.D.
  • A Quickening, by Joyce Craig Butterworth
  • The Advancing Line, by Jason David Eubanks
  • My Daughter, by Maria M. Shevchuk, M.D.
  • Routine Office Visit with Flu Vaccine (V70.0-90658), by John C. Wood, M.D.
  • Clover in the Ashtray, by Lori Levi

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