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The Pharos Spring 2005

The Pharos

The Pharos Spring 2005 Edition

Articles marked with an arrow may be downloaded individually. For articles not marked, please contact Dee Martinez.

In this Issue:

  • Medical Professionalism and Maslow's Needs Hierarchy, by Charles S. Bryan, MD, MACP
  • Medical Journalism: An Industry Obsessed with "Cures" Needs One for Itself, Daniel K. Hoh
  • Hearts Are Too Good to Die: The History of Defibrillation, by Mark E. Silverman, MD, MACP
  • A Short History of Medical Dictionaries, by Charles T. Ambrose, MD
  • Dr. Schimke's Brushes, by Henry N. Claman, MD
  • A Baltimore Bloodletting, by Randolph B. Capone, MD
  • The Syndrome of the Purloined Letter, by Sherman Mellinkoff, MD
  • Finding Clarity — A Generalist in a World of Specialists, by Adam, Schwarz, MD
  • Goodbye to All That: A Stethoscopic Memoir, by Leon Morgenstern, MD
  • Night Rounds, by J. Joseph Marr, MD
  • Sarah and the Facts of Life, by Theresa Brey Haddy, MD

  • Galactic View, by Ed Spudis, MD
  • Virginia Ham, by Jack Coulehan, MD
  • Captain Nicholas, by Michael B. Gravanis, MD
  • Time to Ponder, by Arvey I. Rogers, MD
  • Second Childhood, by David Goldblatt, MD
  • The Art of the Open-Ended Question, by Dean Gianakos, MD
  • Office Visit — The Miner, by Ralph C. Williams, Jr., MD

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