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2017 Medical Student Service Leadership Project Award

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Alpha Omega Alpha is committed to preparing future leaders in medicine and health care. Leadership is about making a positive difference and can be learned through education, observation, and experience, and working with leader mentors. Service learning may provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop as servant leaders. Only one team from each school may be nominated.

To support leadership development for medical students

Amount of Award
$5,000 for the first year, $3,000 for the second year, $1,000 for the third year. The award will be paid to the sponsoring institution. Payee name and tax ID must be included. No indirect costs will be paid.

  • A team of students at a school with an AΩA chapter or association. Teams with AΩA members serving as team leaders will be given priority.
  • Proposals with matching institutional or dean’s funds will be given priority.
  • Only one proposal may be submitted for each institution for each three years of funding.
  • Applications must be for new projects with the potential to generate future support from the medical school or other sources, not supplemental funding for existing programs. A new component of an existing program is eligible.
  • All AΩA members in the submission packet must have active status.

  • A service learning project for an underserved population, e.g., the indigent, immigrants, homeless, etc., or a service project related to professionalism in the school, hospital, or clinics.
  • A description about how the program, mentor, and service learning experience will teach leadership.
  • A detailed description of regular team meetings with the mentor related to leadership, service, and reflection.
  • Submission of an annual progress report for each year, and a final report to the AΩA National Office upon completion of the third year.
  • Funding for the second- and third-year is contingent on acceptance of the report for the previous year's work.

Dates for application
12/31/2016 Application to the AΩA councilor
2/1/2017 Application from the AΩA councilor to the AΩA national office
3/15/2017 AΩA national office announces awards
2/28/2018 Project completion and progress report to the national office, including budget
2/28/2019 Second-year progress report (+ budget) due
2/28/2020 Third-year progress report (+ budget) due

Application to the councilor
The Councilor and his/her selection committee will choose the proposal judged to be the most promising and with a high probability of completion. The following must be submitted:
  1. The completed checklist (Download here).
  2. A four-page description of the project with a detailed budget written by the student team leader. Details of the role of the students in project preparation and execution must be provided.
  3. Description of the team and team leaders and leadership components.
  4. Description of AΩA Chapter role in project (if applicable).
  5. Description of the role of the faculty mentor(s)/ advisor(s), and leadership curriculum for the students.
  6. A letter of support from the faculty mentor(s) that indicates the mentor's commitment of time and interest to the project, the students, and leadership development.
  7. Faculty mentor biosketch(es) (three to four pages).

Application to the National Office
The proposal selected by the Councilor must be sent to the National Office, and must include, in addition to the above items:

  • A letter of endorsement from the AΩA Councilor.
  • A Dean’s endorsement that comments on the student team leader’s achievements and potential, and the suitability of the faculty sponsor for mentoring.
  • Commitment of matching funds by the Dean or school.
All materials must be submitted as a single PDF or a set of the PDFs in the format listed on the checklist. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. E-mail the application to Dee Martinez by 11:59 PM February 1, 2017, PST.

More important information

The award will be paid to the sponsoring institution. Complete payee information will be required when the application is approved.

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